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Magic Gladiators is a top-down local multiplayer action arena brawler game. The game is inspired by Warlock mod from Warcraft III and Warlock Brawl mod from Dota 2. 

Your goal in the game is to defeat your opponents by pushing them out of the arena or killing them with various different items and abilities. 

The game features:

     -4 different map variations

     -Up to 8 players in an all vs. all style gameplay. 

     -Death abilities so you don't get bored waiting for your friends to die. 

    -17 different magic abilities

     -10 different types of upgradable items

The game is meant to be played as a fun, little, FREE game you can play with your friends at a LAN party. 

Disclaimer - School Project.

Install instructions

Download and unpack.  Start the game by running MagicGladiators.exe.


Magic Gladiators.rar 10 MB

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